why embark?

We're a Dallas-based company founded by a bunch of ex-Big 4 CPA's who believed they could actually love their jobs, work hard, but (hold your breath...) could also enjoy having a life. Our principal investors are our executive management team and we're not looking to lose ourselves or our culture just to grow super fast. Our mission is to relieve the pressure people experience in their working lives.  


Embark is a new kind of professional services company. One where our people and culture REALLY do determine our decisions and our future. We are creating an environment that has all the excitement and intellectual stimulation of a startup, minus the fads and pretension. We specialize in both consulting and recruiting within the accounting and finance worlds. We don't work 80-hour weeks, but we do take amazing care of our clients. We love putting people in a position to do what they do best and we don't think it's old fashioned to enjoy the people you work with on a daily basis. We're growing quickly, but not at the expense of our culture or people.


We want great talent and inspiring leaders in all areas: from the best accounting minds to recruiters that really do care to the back office behind the scenes team that makes it all happen. If you want to join a boutique firm that's changing the way people view their employer, please get in touch. We value diversity, wit, experience, moxie, gumption, street-smarts and panache.

"Embark has a genuine concern for its employees and their family.  The term "work-life balance" is a reality here, not the buzzword other places throw around."


benefits and life at embark.

The Best Gear - We don’t skimp on tools. You’ll get a 13” MacBook Air, the latest and greatest software, and any accessories you need to get the job done in style.

Learn With Us - We’re happy to cover costs for educational materials, courses and anything that makes you better at what you do.  CPE events, cool conferences  or an MBA, we believe in continual learning.

Where Do You Want To Go - At Embark, you’ll work with smart people just like you, learn from the best and learn to punch above your weight. Get exposure to the types of industries you really want to learn.

Have a Life - We want people to love what they do both in and out of the office. Use your unlimited PTO days to take vacations, make memories and go adventure. 

Live Well - We want healthy and happy employees. We offer and pay for 100% of healthcare insurance for you AND ALL your dependents.  That's just the beginning. Our benefits are the best. 

Cool Place to Work - We don't do beige cubicles.  Ever. Settle in a spacious, industrial designed office with local brew on tap, local coffee brewed, and comfy areas to lounge, play, chat, think and be creative.

"I LOVE EVERYTHING about Embark... and all that the company embodies and stands for. One of the best decisions I've made!"


Interested in joining us?

We're looking for bright awesome people to bring all kinds of different talents and ideas to the table.